Every flyway has them! Teal that is, dive bombing your decoys, buzzing around, twisting and writhing crazily past your blind. We’ve discovered a tool that will help you line up those “bad boys” for easy shots.  Our Sutter Basin Wigeon/Teal whistle delivers a properly pitched sound that will have the teal flying right at your blind. An added feature of this call is that it works just as well with wigeon!  When the wigeon are around, we often mix in mallard calling with the whistles.  The results of this technique are often pretty amazing.  A benefit this whistle has over other teal whistles on the market today is that it produces good quality sounds at high volume.  It’s perfect for super windy days when storms push your sound away from where you want it to go.  Believe it or not, this whistle works equally well on still and quiet days, for times when you’d need a soft and subtle call. Take a closer look below at the whistle that every duck hunter should have on their lanyard!