Sutter Basin Duck Calls is a California Corporation started in 2008. The company is owned and run by Gene Carter and is headquartered in Yuba City, California. The main focus of Sutter Basin Duck Calls has always been the crafting and engineering of fine, professional grade, acrylic and wood waterfowl calls. Since inception, Sutter Basin Duck Calls has worked hard to improve established designs and to introduce new and innovative features every year. Sutter Basin Duck Calls employs modern CAD design and CNC production techniques to ensure consistent performance across all its call lines.  From sourcing the highest quality raw materials, to engineering and field testing all designs, to using state of the art production equipment, Sutter Basin Duck Calls pays close attention to every detail in the entire process of producing waterfowl calls.  You’ll find this clearly evident when you use any of our finished products. Our goal is to produce only high quality, long lasting, professional grade waterfowl calls. We develop designs to fit every hunter.  From novice, to seasoned veteran, to professional guide and competition callers, we have a call in our lineup that will satisfy your needs. You’ll find that Sutter Basin Duck Calls stands behind its products and will do everything we can reasonably do to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new call. That is our Guarantee.

People often ask how the name of our company originated.  The answer is simple, we live and hunt in California’s Sutter Basin. The Sutter Basin is located in northern California’s great central valley about 60 miles north of Sacramento at the base of the Sutter Buttes. The Sutter Buttes are about 10 miles across from north to south and east to west, and are the smallest mountain range in the world rising about 2,000 feet above the valley floor. The Sutter Basin, incorporating the world famous Butte Sink, is a natural drain and historic wetland that plays host to millions of migratory waterfowl each fall and winter. Over the years, the Sutter Basin and Sutter Buttes have served as the background for works by many famous wildlife artists.

Our first ten years have been exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. We look forward to the next ten years and the opportunities they’ll bring. Beginning with the fall of 2019, Gene will assume sole and full time oversight of our call production shop. We look forward to continuing to provide you with high quality customer service, innovative call designs, professional grade call performance, and more of all you’ve grown to expect from Sutter Basin Duck Calls.

Thanks for checking us out.  Good hunting!

Gene Carter
Sutter Basin Duck Calls