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Whether you hunt in flooded timber, rice, or dry grain fields, we've got you covered with duck and goose calls that will fit your needs. Every Sutter Basin call is carefully crafted and individually hand tuned to deliver incredibly lifelike duck and goose sounds!

Sutter Basin Duck Calls is located in the heart of the Pacific Flyway. Our calls are designed by waterfowl hunters for waterfowl hunters. The sound and quality in each call reflects the fact that we are all about waterfowl hunting and nothing else. Fortunately for our customers, all we focus on is pro-quality, finely crafted, hand tuned calls. End of story!

Sutter Storm Specklebelly Call

The new Sutter Storm Specklebelly CallWe have made some new and exciting changes to the Sutter Storm Speck guts this year. The newly re –designed gut system has given us a call that’s louder, faster, and lets you run it with effortless control. Delivering a wide range of highly realistic speck sounds, the end result will be more birds in your blind! The new Sutter Storm is available with either acrylic guts or brass guts. Regardless, the newly re-designed guts used at Sutter Basin Calls are made by us, in our shop, and are not simply re-tuned guts purchased from someone else. I think you’ll agree, the realism of the new Sutter Storm is amazing! Pictured below is James Stone of Elite Sportsman's Guide Services with a volley of specks and snows from a late season hunt last year in the upper Sacramento Valley.

Order your new Sutter Storm online today or check it out at one of our local sporting goods retail partners near you.

Sutter Basin’s, new "One-5" single reed mallard call.

The ideas behind building this new call have been “rolling around” inside my head for the last couple of years. What I wanted to create was a call that would deliver great top end sound for windy days and days when you need to reach out to stubborn, high flying, late season mallards. The challenge was that I also wanted the same call to have a soft, nasty, whiney, squealy bottom end. No trade-offs, the new call had to have it all.

Sutter Basin’s, new One-5 single reed mallard call.And, here it is! The brand new Sutter Basin “One-5” single reed mallard call has it all. My team spent countless hours developing this new call, and it will give you all of what I was looking for and then some. Take my word for it, this call is special! In fact, it was special enough that I named it after a mallard honey hole in the middle of the Butte Sink I’ve had the pleasure to hunt several times! The "One-5" is easy to run, dripping with realistic Mallard sounds, and one of the most unique sounding calls on the market today.

Order yours today, you won’t regret it!


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